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Garrowby Shoot is held in the highest regard by those that have shot here and is reputed to be one of the best in the world.  The Shoot is managed as a non-commercial family concern, although a small number of days are let, predominantly to established parties that have returned year after year to enjoy the quality of sport that Garrowby has to offer.

The Shoot has been developed by the Halifax family over several generations and is known for its extremely high pheasants thanks to the dramatic glacial terrain that can be found along the western edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.  For the last 100 years tree planting along the top of the escarpment has been carried out with shooting in mind and allows stratospherically high birds to be shown, which are a challenge to even the best shots. The focus is on quality rather than the size and bag, with the cartridge count often in excess of ten to one.

The Halifax family take a very active role in the management of the Shoot and our team of three game keepers do a sterling job every year to ensure the reputation of Garrowby Shoot is upheld.

All shot game is either taken by a local game dealer for human consumption, or plucked and dressed by our game keepers for sale through various local butchers and farm shops.

The Garrowby Shoot is a supporter of the Country Food Trust (“CFT”). The CFT are a charity food producer making top quality protein based food from game birds shot across the country, that is then donated to charities who feed people in need. In their first year the CFT produced 20,408 meals. These meals are donated to those in food poverty, either directly or through charities that provide a service to the less fortunate in society.