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All at Halifax Estates are acutely aware of the part which they play in the management and conservation of the environment in which they live. For the benefit of future generations the negative impacts should be minimised.

The remote location of some of the Estate properties means that the options for fuel sources can be limited.  Renewable energy technologies are being incorporating in new developments and existing buildings, where possible.

Since 2014 five separate renewable energy systems have been installed across the estates which provide power or heat to 13 separate properties.


In 2015 a 29.64kW roof mounted solar array was installed on the Estate Joiners Shop. With a constantly increasing electricity demand it was decided that steps should be taken to reduce, or counteract, the reliance on fossil fuels used to generate electricity for the site, with the added benefit of reducing operating costs.


Two biomass systems have been installed on the Garrowby Estate which between them serve six domestic properties. Both of these are run on BSL Accredited wood pellets delivered by local suppliers.

With over 1,800 acres of managed forestry there is a determination to develop ways in which this 100% renewable fuel source can be used to benefit properties on the estates. Currently all of the soft wood felled on the estates is sold for the manufacture of woodchip. With a constantly increasing demand for firewood, the vast proportion of the hardwood timber from thinnings and clearfells is converted into firewood as detailed in the Forestry section.

Ground Source Heat

Small scale new developments or the redevelopment of existing sites gives the perfect opportunity to look at renewable heat sources. This was the exact opportunity which was exploited when a small redundant village farmstead was converted into a five dwelling complex with a mix of new build and barn conversions. Ground source heating was selected due to the tight nature of the site and lack of space for fuel storage. With the installation of four 130m deep boreholes it has been possible to harness the latent heat in the ground to generate all of the heat energy required for the site.

Following the success of this scheme a similar system has been installed in a very substantial new build property located on a greenfield site on the edge of another village on the Garrowby Estate. Renewable heating systems such as this are generally more suited to new build properties, as opposed to refurbishments, due to the ability to insulate to the highest standards.


Penny Hill Wind Farm, adjacent to the M1 motorway near Sheffield, is comprised of six 132m wind turbines, three of which are located on an estate farm. The electricity generation capacity of each turbine is 3.4MW, with the Farm totalling approximately 20MW. This is enough to provide electricity for 15,000 homes.