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Agriculture is at the heart of all of the estates owned by the Halifax Family, through the in-hand farming operations and the many diverse agricultural businesses managed by tenants on the estates.

The in-hand farming operation covers approximately 750 acres. The majority of this land is grassland, covering the parkland around Garrowby Hall and the area between Garrowby Park and Bugthorpe village.


The farm manager, Clive Rowland, is passionate about Limousin cattle and this shows in the high quality animals which he breeds and rears.

Garrowby Farm currently has a high health herd of around 65 pedigree Limousin cows supported by a 140 cow commercial herd.

The pedigree cows are the nucleus of the herd and numbers increased significantly in February 2020 with the purchase of the entire highly regarded Gunnerfleet herd form Ian and Jim Handley. All the pedigree cattle are now under the Garrowby Limousins name.  Top quality bulls and heifers will be offered for sale at prominent sales nationally as well as off the farm.   

Over the last few years Clive has had considerable success in the show ring and the addition of the Gunnerfleet herd will ensure that the Garrowby Limousins cattle going through the show and sale rings are of the highest quality.

Limousin semen is for sale from the leading Garrowby Limousins sires.  Please contact Clive on 07876 594010 to discuss or order online from Semenstore:


The commercial herd is based around Limousin genetics and male calves are sold as stores along with high health status heifers for breeding to other suckler herds. 

The Limousin breed itself originates from central France and was imported into the UK in the 70s for its versility to suit the demands of the red meat market. It produces a high quality lean product with excellent eating characteristics.   This popular breed still remains the no 1 for UK cattle registrations.

Alongside the cattle, the sheep flock consist of 700 Texel x Mule and Mule ewes producing quality fat/store and breeding lambs.

Although arable farming forms a smaller part of the in-hand operation, it is vital to the on-going success of the livestock enterprise.

Crops including wheat, barley, oil seed rape and beans are grown in rotation to manage the soil health effectively. The grain produced is sold to local traders for processing into, animal feed, fuels and food.

The arable land covers some of the heavier soil types found on the Garrowby Estate so winter cropping is favoured due to weather conditions in the spring. Maintenance of drainage systems and ditches is imperative to ensure that the condition and productivity of the land is maintained.